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IEZ  (in particular Tedje van Asseldonk)
– taught workshops, guest lectures and courses at universities (both professional and private), mainly on pharmaceutical botany and (human and animal) phytotherapy.

– trained several students in the methodology of ethnobotany, ethnoveterinary and zoopharmacognosy research
– edited and published a variety of educational material (some of which is available in the Dutch Royal Library – Koninklijke Bibliotheek)

IEZ has developed the website infofyto (www.infofyto.nl) for the Dutch ESCOP member, the NVF. Schools and pharmacies, as well as consumers, have emphasised the educational value of this website.

IEZ’s Tedje van Asseldonk has been the editor of the NVF-journal Netherlands Journal for Phytotherapy sins 1999: http://fyto.nl/tijdschrift-nvf


Examples of educational activities

in Dutch: Module HAS fyto-v (see http://www.fyto-v.nl/docs/module.pdf )
in Dutch: Textbook on Traditional Europan Naturopathy; from 2018, 3rd edition, available at https://www.merlijnboekhandel.nl/catalogsearch/result/?cat=0&q=Asseldonk
Dutch/English: Veterinary course in the Netherlands ( STEHD & http://www.healthcare-academy.nl/   )
in English: Veterinary course in USA (2013 courses PAPERS Asseldonk workshops ahvma kansas 2013 )

BSc CAM therapists Phytotherapy courses (SaxionNext) (not available anymore)

In DUtch, English summary: Innovative Greenhouse crop growers (f.e. EB Ass et al 2010 Innovatienetwerk medicijnen_uit_de_kas )